Lesion found in CT scan after 8 years of stability!

I was diagnosed wire stage 4 HER 2, in Jan 2014.  Mets to liver, Lung, extensively to bones and lymph nodes.  Due to the vast spread I didn’t undergo surgery but after initial chemo I was (and still am) on herceptin and pertusamab.  It’s seems to work very well for me and I’ve been stable since then…… until now.

my oncologist called me to say the CT scan is showing a new, small lesion in the original breast, but the mets don’t appear to have changed.  She said it’s probably nothing but sent me of for a biopsy at a nearby hospital.  The surgeon I saw said it’s probably nothing, but they did a mammogram, got my Ct scans and did some ultra sound scanning and took biopsies.  The surgeon spoke to me at the end and said it’s hard to know for sure but highly unlikely and that the results would go to my oncologist and she would take it from there.

now .I’ve received a call from the surgeons clinic to say my oncologist has asked them to give me a follow up appointment and they have made it this coming Thursday.

my mind is now jumping to conclusions about why I’m going back to the surgeon again.  Does anyone have suggestions as to why I’d be going back there unless the lesion is malignant?  I did call my breast cancer nurse but she told me she doesn’t have any information, which now feels like it’s also bad news.

any words of advice from you wonderful, knowledgeable ladies?

Good morning Liz

 You have  done so well. I’m so sorry to read you are feeling anxious at the moment I can’t give you any advise, unfortunately we all run away with our thoughts understandably after being through Breast Cancer but would like you to know I’m thinking of you and fingers crossed for a good outcome.

biggest hug Tili :rainbow: :rainbow:

Coincidence, I was diagnosed with SBC in March 2015, Mets in nodes and liver with primary site left breast.  After 7.5 years of 3 weekly injections of T & P, I too received results of a “dodgy” scan last Wednesday.   Back in the breast again.  Currently waiting through those dreadful weeks before finding out what’s happening.   I knew as soon as I was told of the extra Breast Cancer Nurse in the room that the news was bad.  Of course we all know that some time the day will come, but oh how I wish the process would hurry along.  My sympathies to you… and well wishes too