Less than a year and back

Hi last May I was diagnosed with DCIS and had a mastectomy and reconstruction and was happy not to need any more treatment but this March I found a lump in my remaining breast and have been diagnosed with invasive lobular cancer which i think is hormone receptive i have had an op to remove some of the lymph nodes to check and should get results this week. Will hopefully then be given a date for the mastectomy the waiting is doing my head in. Don’t feel I’m handling it as well as I did the last time, still at work but have a horrible feeling and not so positive about outcome this time.

I too was diagnosed last May and reading that you have invasive lobular in your remaining breast is my biggest nightmare. My cancer was the same, I had chemotherapy before having a mastectomy but my lymph nodes were involved and had to be removed too.

Good luck with it all - I am sure lots of ladies will be along soon to wish you well.


Hector, so sorry you are back again, I posted a great big long post to you that has disappeared, but all good wishes, and I imagine that the second shock and worry is harder cos you may not be fully recovered from the first yet…take good care, Nicola

Hector I’m sorry to year your news. It is crap and there aren’t many if us around who had two primaries we are a bit if a rare breed. My second diagnosis was a bigger shock than my first and found it quite difficult to deal with.

I know my first was invasive but was grade 1 with no nodes and after WLE and snb had rads and tamoxifen. But I was,a bit luckier than you in that I had three years in between no 1 and no 2 but no 2 was grade 3 and needed chemo.

I really feel for you. Take care x.

Dear Hector welcome to the BCC forums

I am sorry to read the news of your diagnosis, you have come to the right place for support and information. In addition to the shared experiences and support here our helpliners can talk to you about other BCC services and offer a listening ear, information and support too. The lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Sat on 0808 800 6000.

I am posting a link to the ‘Newly diagnosed’ section of the website as you will find further information and support ideas here:


Take care

Hello Hector. Sorry you’re back (mean that in a nice way).
All I can say is try and keep your chin up chicken (which is what my late dad always used to say), and cross the bridge only if and when you need to.

Hi Hector

I know exactly where you are coming from. I had 2 primaries in year. Both WLE but had chemo the 2nd time. I found the 2nd one harder to deal with…so hard to dredge up the effort to deal with it all again… but I did and so will you!
Lulu…I didnt realise we were a rare breed!!! :slight_smile:

Take care


Hi Hector
So sorry to hear your news

I had a primary grade 3 with node involvement in may 2009 r side and 2 years later last may
New primary in left side invasive with node involvement, so both boobs gone now! it’s hard when lighting strikes 2.
The waiting is awful
I have also had 2 small holes in t7 and t12 which they have treat with radiotherapy but I feel good and live a very normal (whatever that may be) life
Hope you get a plan soon
Mandy xx

I am sorry too, and echo what the other ladies have said, its really tough and so, so unfair.

I too have been recently diagnosed with a ?2nd primary. First in left breast, June 2009, had WLE, chemo and rads. This time around the lump was found following bilateral mastectomies. Even though it wasnt visible on scans, a node was involved and I am due to start more chemo on 2nd May.

Like others, I am feeling much less positive and quite scared of chemo- will I be able to deal with it, physically and mentally?

Having said this, the treating team seem positive and say that the prognosis is good.

I do take comfort from knowing I am not on my own, and especially hearing from those who have survived.

Love to hear from others. Rattles, xxx

Thank you all for your kind words and support…found out on Friday that there is a node involved but still wont know how bad everything is until after op which I still don’t have a date for but looks like 3 weeks at earliest!!! It is really hard to keep the positive face on while waiting I feel exhausted. Hearing how you all are coping has helped.

Just wondering if it is better to have chemo first before MX for invasive lobular cancer? Or does it really not make that much difference?
I am really worried about my remaining breast and still feel I would prefer to lose that one too…but hopefully keep the lymph nodes as the ANS is what is giving me the most grief post op now…(day 3)

Hi Sascha,
I have lobular and ductal in the same breast. | was told chemo 1st to shrin k the lump. I have asked about a bi-lateral MX and it has been agreed to providing I have counselling first. I have heard that the chances of recurrence is higher once we have had in one breast.
I am having out of peace of mind. But I cannot have double mx at same time apparently, the cancer 1 first.
Hope this helps
WS x

You will only normally get chemo beforehand if the tumour is a certain size… If its small they won’t tend to do it before surgery as one of the reasons they do it is to shrink the tumour so they can operate either because its inoperable or so you can ave a lumpectomy instead of mastectomy so if it’s already small then there is probably no need to have it first.

The risk of another cancer in the opposite breast is only about 5%, however if you have lobular BC then it’s around 15-20% risk of BC in the other side, and gene carriers like myself it can be 50-60% chance.

Iv not had lobular but have had ductal in both breasts but haven’t had mastectomies.

Good luck ladies.

Hi Hector,
I was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal cancer last July and had a lumpectomy followed by a wider excision, followed by chemo. Just before I got to the end of my chemo, in March, I found another lump in the same breast and it was a recurrence.
I have just had a mastectomy and am waiting for it to settle down and then having radiotherapy and will be on Tamoxifen. I will be having a reconstruction as soon as I can.
It was a shock to find that the cancer had come back before I had even finished chemo and apparently this is extremely rare.
I just keep digging deep and have managed to stay positive. I am doing the race for life in 10 days and have mangaged to raise over £2,500 so far, being involved in positive things has helped me to stay positive.
I have also done some really powerful pictures with a photographer friend to record my journey, which has helped me deal with it. Being a young woman, there is very little around photographically, and so I thought it would help other young women to be able to see pictures.

Hi everyone Not been on for a while…Two weeks ago I had my second mastectomy and reconstruction and when I went back for the results they felt they had got it all but as a “belt and braces” measure they want me to have chemo and possibly radiotherapy I go for a CT scan in a week. To say I was terrified would be an understatement, keep reading about all the horrible side effects and although I’m not in a hurry to start the anticipation is a nightmare. My hubby has been great but I don’t think he has really grasped how the chemo is going to effect me as I am usually a very much the type of person that if it has to be done do it and I will just get on with it without a great deal of fuse…but trust me I feel like making a big fuss about this. I’m sure all this is quite normal but that doesn’t make it suck any less. Hopefully I will be feeling a bit more positive tomorrow.

Hi Hector & all
I’ve been dx with a new primary just 4 weeks ago in my left breast - this one is ER & PR +, stage 1 at 2mm.
The right breast was IBC in 2008 so I had 6 months of chemo, then mx, rads followed with and along a year of Herceptin.
I’d just begun to think things were getting back to normal.
I am going in to have either lumpectomy and SNB or a mx on Weds this week - the decision seems to be mine and I think I am 95% towards a mx. My pros are that if they remove the breast it won’t ever come back in the breast and if the nodes are not infected then I won’t need rads. I just want to be sure it is not likely to come back in a year or two (or ever) as a recurrence.
I’ve been told they can do immediate reconstruction, not sure what this involves as last time I was 2 years before a DIEP recon. This time it would be with an implant apparently, at least for the time being.
Will life ever be normal again ???