Let me introduce myself

Hi Everyone

So glad to be part of this group and I’m looking forward to getting to know people and picking up more helpful information.

A bit of background… I’m 57, single, have a very supportive family and friends group and love to crochet and playing my guitar and ukulele and sing.  But not all at the same time!

Was diagnosed with TNBC when I was 46, had a lumpectomy, chemo and rads and was clear for 5 years.  It then came back in Dec 2018, another primary in the same breast and I had secondaries in my lungs.  Had chemo again but it didn’t work so had SMX and hysterectomy in June 2019, and then went totally flat in July 2021.

The mets on my lungs were described as ‘many cavetating nodules throughout my lungs’ initially at 4, 5 and 6mm.  They said the nodules were not reacting as they expected for TNBC cells, as they were slow growing and Tripple Negative is usually aggressive and fast growing.

They have been monitoring the lungs with CT scans every 3 months for two years and the nodules are now 10, 11, 12 and 14mm in size.  So I am now on 6 cycles of Carboplatin which will finish on 29 April.  However the scan after round 3 still showed slight growth of 1 mm in 2 nodules.  I’m worried therefor that it’s not going to have worked, like the last lot of chemo in 2019.

I’m interested to hear from anyone with TNBC how they reacted to Carboplatin.  Also, what other treatments are out there and whether anyone is on a Clinical Trial, how to get info about Clinical Trials and about new drugs coming to market.

Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to share their experience.  Any info would be very gratefully received :heart:  


Hi @Uker , welcome to our Forum, and thank you for introducing yourself. I hope you find the boards and the conversations here helpful.

Based on what you wrote, I wonder if you may find the conversations in the TNBC board helpful. Please remember we have a support line on freephone 0808 800 6000 - our team of breast care nurses are always happy to talk things through.

Sending our warmest wishes


PS I play the ukulele too - although not very often, and therefore not very well!