Letrazole and my heart BP choelesterol medication

Hi I am on heart medication following unstable angina and stent fitted a year ago. I take meds for high BP ( ramipril and atenelol) also aspirin and meds for high choelesterol( esentibe and a fortnightly injection of Praluent 150mg) . Just diagnosed with invasive ductal BC. Had WLE and synal node removal Thursday so waiting on results. BC nurse has confirmed ER+Her- and says I will most likely be put on Letrozole before my radiotherapy and  to have a Dexa scan. I already take far too much medication with heart complaint and really don’t want anymore that will bring on other side effects some of which may also need more meds to help cope with the them. Does anyone else take heart,  BP or choelesterol meds alongside Letrazole

Serenity, I am Anastrozole and also take ramipril, Atorvastatin, alendronic acid and Evacal d3, I don’t seem to have any problems and my doctor and pharmacist have said they don’t interact adversely with each other, if anything my blood pressure is lower than it used to be, hopefully your doctor will look at all the meds you are on and give you advice.  Fezzy x