Letrazole newbie!

Hi All. I’m sure all this has been asked before.


I started Letrazole about 2 weeks ago. Having some hot flushes and terrible joint pain. I already have osteoarthritis, had both hips replaced, and a heart condition.  I can’t decide whether it’s chemo side effects which I finished just under four weeks ago, or The Letrazole. I start Radiotherapy tomorrow as well! How soon did everyone’s se kick in? I feel as if I’m going from one load of se’s to another! 


I know now I should be grateful I’m here and breathing but I’m really getting fed up with it all.

I was fortunate in not having any treatments that overlapped but I was also someone who had no side effects from radiotherapy, so don’t assume that everybody does. Make sure your skin is scrupulously clean and clear from any products before treatment and keepwell hydrated, I feel both are more important than what creams you use afterwards.  


I’m sorry you have so much going on at the same time.

Hi Drummerswidow


Also a letrozole newbie!! I’m on day 17. I started a week or so after RT, and I had terrible skin side effects from that, which are only just starting to not get worse/heal! I was given different advice to anyone else (not to moisturise) which I did follow. 


Im still waiting for my bone scan, but I already have arthritis. 


So so far I’d say I’m stuff especially after sitting for a longer period. No more flushes than before. I’m tired anyway, so can’t tell if it’s made me worse! I’m paranoid about hair loss and think I’ve had some. 


I can can imagine how fed up you must be feeling. Feel free to send a private message if you want to chat more. 


All the best. 


A xx

Hi Drummerswidow

I’ve been on Letrozole for 6 weeks with hair loss and joint ache although the joint ache isn’t constant. Also have hot flushes.

I’m considering changing the brand or a completely different hormone tablet. 

The nurse told me the menopause symptoms will be more severe than my first menopause. I’m also fed up with it all and the hair thinning is a worry.

So, you’re not alone ?xx