Starting letazone in 5 weeks after radiation. 

Is everyone scared before taking them im so scared thinking im going to be an old lady not been able to walk as bones aching. 

So hard when you feel so well knowing something your going to take can be debilitating. 

I feel im going to be spending the next 5 years waiting on a side effect to start.

Hi Pommy8

I think you’re right to be nervous because you’re carefully thinking about what will happen to you next. Actually, maybe not nervous, more like sensible.

You might be absolutely fine, but if you’re not, keep in regular touch with your oncologist and try different types, if one doesn’t suit you. Don’t suffer for too long. I had a terrible side FX on two different types of estrogen suppressant and now I’m trying a third. I’ve discussed this with the oncologist and whilst she’d prefer it if I was on them, she and I understand that if my ability to have a life - and to work (we all need to earn money) is so compromised, then it’s okay not to take them at all.

Good luck,