I have had very severe leg and joint pain over the last 12 months. I have been to the doctors a number of times and they just want to prescribe Naproxen which also has very bad side effects and I refuse to take. They decided to take me off the letrazole for a couple of weeks to see if it is the cause of the pain. I am on day 7 letrazole free and have not slept all night for pain in my upper legs and shins. I am in the bath writing this and have been here since 3.30 am to try and ease the pain. I am really getting fed up with pain and being offer pain killers that could cause even more problems (the offer Naproxen because they are cheaper than Pregablin which has fewer side effects. I am at work in 2 hours for my 5th out of 6 12 hour shifts and will be even more exhausted than I was yesterday. I live alone so have to manage everything alone. Feeling so low. ?

Hi Julie, sorry to read you’re post, I used to work 12 your shifts so can appreciate the exhaustion! I’m on Letrozole and have been quite lucky regarding side effects but have had some rib pains more recently which haven’t been pleasant to say the least. I see you only stopped taking it a week ago, I don’t know how long it takes to work it’s way out of your system but I would imagine it could be longer. Sorry I can’t be more helpful and hope you get some relief very soon, Kxx

Hi Julie I’m on anastrozole and sometimes get the shin pains.I use fembrid 10% which is an ibuprofen gel.Have you tried that? I find it does help.