I have been off letrazole for over 3 weeks and pains are no better. They said I can go onto tamoxifen but it is not as good as the letrazole. Now my head is in bits at what I should do. Continue with the letrazole or change to the tamoxifen which also has some bad side effects. My pains have hardly change since I stopped the letrazole and am still having sleepless nights.

Hi Julie
Be guided by what your oncologist recommends.
Unfortunately, it can be trial and error.
I’ve been on letrozole for just over a year and it certainly is challenging!
One thing I do take, is amitriptyline, which helps with sleep and general aches and pains. Ask your gp… Maybe worth a try?
Sue xx

I had them checked a few weeks ago and they were fine. I am taking vitamin D and calcium supplements. ⚘