letrezole and hair thinning

So depressed by this I paid to see a tricologist and did some research on my own

First make sure the hair you have is kept healthy, you need strong hair for extensions etc.

Eat protein for breakfast

Take iron, vit c, b12 and folic acid

If like me it is thinning at the front, change your parting

Cover really thin bits with Toppix hair powder

Minoxodil is the only drug licensed to work but it must be used everyday

Cut out shampoos with sulphates, use organic

Massage your scalp to get blood to the follicles and use overnight treatments.  I like coconut oil and I wear a nylon cap overnight to protect my pillow.

Ketonozole shampoo for dandruff has been used off label to slow down thinning.  Condition well afterwards.

Also you might try Canesthan mixed with your shampoo, side effect hair growth.

If all else fails Hot Hair, Qvc etc have braided hair bands, clip in fringes.

Do not do what I did and howl in the bath!!!

Love you all.






Thanks for your sound advice. My hair loss was getting me down so much that when I saw my oncolgist a couple of weeks ago  changed it to Tamoxofen (been on Letrozole since June) even though I am post menopause. Hair does seem better already, much less shedding. I have spent a fortune on shampoos and conditioner (Phylida M, excuse spelling is one) and I take a supplememt from Victoria Health.