Letrezole, Health Bartiers to treatment, loneliness and fear !

Hello newly diagnosed with Grade 3 Ductal Carcinoma ER, PR, HER & node +++ . I’m 54. Tumour in left breast 3cm x 3cm and axillary nodes cancerous. 

Body & Bone scan clear . MUGA scan on Thursday. 

Due to significant other underlying health conditions chemo and Herceptin not an option,  surgery possibly in 6-9mths unless tumour doesn’t reduce in which case maybe sooner but I’m a high risk,  then radiotherapy at the end.  

Started Letrozole last week . Taking one a day . Some pain now in the breast and lymph area. Armpit was swollen on original examination my oncologist said. Would that pain now be the Letrozole working ?

Does anyone have any experiences similar to mine with additional health barriers or just having Letrozole as a treatment first. 

Would be lovely to know I’m not alone as I feel very much so right now as all online/text book advice/ help is geared towards traditional therapies and not someone whose options are limited. 

I feel very afraid of it spreading. 

Hi Smudge15,  I had letrozole for 6 months before surgery to shrink two idc tumours then radiotherapy afterwards. I didn’t need chemo or perception though. I didn’t have breast pain as a side effect but the letrozole treatment sheet in the packet lists tumour pain as an uncommon side effect (1 in 100). It would be good to contact your breast care nurse/treatment team to talk it over with them and also the Nurse Telephone Helpline on the website would help, especially as you’re feeling down because you can’t have the chemo/herceptin. It’s good that your Body and Bone scan are clear and you’re fit enough for surgery as well. 

You can’t be the only one than is faced with the situation you are in, given that breast cancer is more common in women over 70s so I hope others here can reply as well and support you. 

Look after yourself and take each day at a time.



Hi Smudge15 - I haven’t had the same treatment plan as you, but I wanted to drop by to give you a hug and also reassure you that you are not alone going through this - as your other lovely replies have already shown.

Anxiety is very normal, but your team will have your best interests in mind when they make the plan, and it sounds like you will be monitored closely to see whether the lump is responding to the Letrozole. If or when you have any worries or concerns you should speak to your team or BCN.

Chat away on here anytime, with any questions/concerns/whatever, no question or feeling is too big or small.

I wish you all the best for your treatment. Do keep in touch on here. Hugs, Evie xx