I have been taking Letrezole for just 5 weeks and have carpal tunnel in my right hand, which seems a strange side effect :thinking:
However what is much worse is Vertigo, nausea and awful headache :confused:.
Has anyone else had these? I can’t function properly. GP has given me procalm but not helping yet.

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I think carpal tunnel
Is a known side effect :cry:
I had nausea , so I changed to taking at night
I’m on Anastrazole but same side effects .

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I felt vile on Letrozole! Such pain in my joints, and yes, carpal tunnel, headache, etc. The worst was the depression. Changed to Aromasin (exemestane) now and feel much improved. A game changer for me was starting to take vegan Omega-3 oil last September - it’s helped with the joint and muscle pains enormously. Don’t suffer, keep asking for something til you find what suits you. Let us know how you get on. :heartpulse: :pray: :kissing_heart:


Hello, I want to change to exemestane but we don’t have an oncologist. Can the GP change it? I was wondering whether they mentioned any downsides such as it being less effective or different side effects. I’d be interested to hear your experience.

Hi @laneycass

I think your breast surgery team might be able to help with that if you reach out to your BCN . My friend changed from Letrozole to Exemestane and I think that’s how she did it. . Xx