Letrozol side effects

I started taking Letrozol 3 weeks ago and stopped today. I have not seen the side effect that caused me to stop talked about on this forum. I think I am experiencing vaginal atrophy. My vagina feels on fire. It hurts even to sit down. It hurts to use toilet tissue. I have an appointment with the oncologist next week but I was nervous if I didn’t stop, the atrophy might be a fait accompli by then.
I am 72 and active, including sexually (when I get the chance!). I had a mastectomy the end of June. I had multifocal (3) small tumors (8 to 12mm), no lymph node involvement but highly positive for both estrogen and progesterone. No radiation nor chemo. I was just starting to feel really good again when I started experiencing the side effects. I’d like to be able to take Letrozol - I don’t like the idea of having cancer again - but quality of the life I have left is pretty important to me too.
Has anyone with this side effect found a way to alleviate it and still take the drug?

Hello there

Sorry that you’re experiencing this . If you use the search icon to look for vaginal atrophy I think you will get results . I’m sure I’ve participated in another thread recently where it mentioned VA as causing UTIs. - which this sounds similar to . Also there was quite a lot of response from people suffering with VA and how alleviate the symptoms .

Make sure to drink plenty just in case. I hope your symptoms improve .

Joanne x

Hi again @tovarino

I should have said if this gets any worse consider getting some medical help. I have heard of other medications causing similar adverse effects though usually not long lasting. X


I use Good Clean Love Restore Moisturizing Vaginal Gel. It’s not hormonal but so far I’ve noticed no symptoms and I’ve been on letrozole for a year. It may be possible to go onto a low dose estrodial vaginal suppository although that won’t be their first choice for you probably. But I would buy a non hormonal one asap and see if that starts making a difference. If not, then they’ll probably let you try the low dose hormonal kind.

Hi @tovarino I echo @JoanneN good advice. Hit the magnifying glass icon and search on Vaginal Atrophy, there’s lots on the forum.

I am on Letrozole and deal with VA through using d-mannose, a natural fruit sugar, for the urinary tract/UTIs and Hyalofemme which heals micro tears in the vaginal wall and makes you comfortable. Hyalofemme can sting to start with but once it’s healed you that will stop. I swear by it. It is not a vag moisturizer so if you just want to do a moisturizer, make sure it has no parabens in it.

Both d-mannose and Hyalofemme are available on Amazon.