Letrozole - A positive post

Hi all

Read so much bad stuff about Letrozole…was dreading taking it.  Just wanted to post something a bit more positive to give hope to those about to start taking it.  I have been on it for a full month now, for the first three weeks I did have a lot of back, hip and leg pain.  This now seems to have settled down and I feel ok, a few hot flushes but I had them anyway.  I am hoping this is now how it stays, totally bearable and doable.  Good luck to all those starting, hope you find it as easy as I have.

I hope I get such a positive result from it. I was on Exemestane for 5 weeks and had numerous side effects. Swollen ankles, aching muscles & joints, hair loss, massive hot flushes, tiredness, itchiness and a few others.


I had Stage 1 breast cancer in 2007 and had a lumpectomy. I took Armidex for a few months and I felt awful on it, so stopped it. In December last year I had a small TIA and a a very small pulmonary embolism in my right lung. I had a CT scan and a small 10mm nodule was noticed in the middle section of my right lung.


I had an operation in July to remove the nodule and in fact the whole middle section of my lung was removed. After several tests and a biopsy, it was diagnosed as stemming from the breast cancer. I have had a CT scan for chest, abdomen and pelvis areas and it is all clear, 100% clear. My oncologist insists I take an Aromatase Inhibitor, so desperately hope I get a postive result as you have 

Hi I was put on Tamoxifen and couldn’t tolerate it the side effects were awful so switched to Letrozole and I have been taking it for three months. I get a few hot flushes and some joint pain but other than that feeling ok on it. It may be a case of trying different brands as it’s the ingredients in the coatings that can disagree with you. Good luck x

With this thread being a ‘positive’ one - I just have to post… that I got a letter from Breast Imaging place where I had a mammogram done last week and it’s come through all clear and results are normal… phew!

I have been on Letrozole since March (It shrank the lump enough to have WLI mid august no clear margins, followed by shave and sentinal node clearance (they had found 3 micromatasteses).  Had my first chemo session on 18th of this month.  There was a problem, as they thought I was still taking hormone treatment (but had been advised by oncologist to stop at appointment two weeks before chemo).  Did go ahead with the chemo in the end (touch and go for a bit)  Anyone else out there who went the hormone - operation - chemo route?  How long  did you stop the hormone treatment before Chemo?  I am now worried in case the chemo was too soon after hormones.  Next oncology appointment is 8th december, and can ask her then, but would like to put my mind at rest before that.  Just confused, and the hospital didn’t seem to be on top of my case notes.