Letrozole ageing skin

Does anyone feel that taking letrozole has had an effect on their skin? Do you think it may have contributed to ageing skin or do you think it might have happened anyway with going through the menopause. I would be interested to any thoughts you might have on this.

I’ve been on it for a year and haven’t noticed any changes in my skin.  At 61 I am well past the menopause which definitely did age my skin however I slap on loads of moisturiser, serum and skin oil to keep the wrinkles at bay xx

Hi Suziex, you are right, due to the menopause your skin is ageing more rapidly, as your body produces less oestrogen. The effect on skin of less oetrogen will be enhanced by Letrozole, as it is there to reduce the levels of this hormone you produce naturally even further. When I got to the menopause in my mid 40’s HRT kept the ageing at bay to a certain degree, but now 12 years later, I had to come off HRT and have been put onto Letrozole, too - since being diagnosed. I researched on the internet, as much as I could, to find out what I could do to support my skin. Some say this, some say that. And of course, different womens skin will react to some ingredients better than others. One of the keys to ageing skin in the reducing collagen, as that ‘plumps’ it up. There appears to be some evidence that oestrogen is part of being able to produce collagen. So one could try collagen creams, but I doubt that something I put onto my skin can penetrate deep enough to replenish something, which is missing deeper down. I have taken to Palmers skin oils and body lotion - not too expensive and enough of the other ingredients required to help support the skin. So far so good - they are wonderful and are doing the trick slowing things down. At some stage I paid for expensive treatments, but did not notice any longer term results. Hope this helps. Clever make up and tips for ageing skin can be found on the internet, worth researching.

Yes, I feel it has aged me. I thought letrozole is given only to post menapausal women




Thank you for all your comments it does make me feel a little better that I’m not on my own I suppose we will have to keep slapping on the creams and be happy that we are all still here and be very great full for our lives. It would be good if anyone can recommend which creams they think work xxxx

Thanks for your reply I have just bought some of the new Body Shop oils soil will give it ago xxxx

Hello everyone, I have been following the posts but nothing new to add. I have been taking Letrozole since 13 January.  Initially hospital dispensed Femera, subsequent script was from GP and Cipla dispensed.  Had no idea there were different brands until I read it on this Forum.  SEs on Femera were slight but on Cipla they got worse and worse so decided to do a bit of research as follows.  Cross referenced all ingredients of six brands against Femera and only Cipla and Sunpharma had a different ingredient (not the same one).  Cipla has tartrazine and Sunpharma has Methylcellulose.  I then looked at all the ingredients in all the brands and only these two flagged up side effects, lists as long as your arm.  The three I identified as closest to Femera are Sandoz, Zentiva and Actavis (this last one as a different coating ingredient but no side effects flagged).  Last script was taken to a High Street pharamcy who ordered Actavis.  Since taking this, eight days in, and side effects have gone back to Femera days.  Hope this helps and that my research is accurate.

Happy days around the corner !!!

I take the Sandon brand and find this the best one for me. On a totally different subject has any heard of the asprin trial to help stop reacurrrance of early breast cancer?

Hi Suzie

Yes my oncologist discussed it with me and gave me some info. It’s called Add-Aspirin and you can find info about it on this site


I was not eligible to join the trial in the end but my Onco was happy for me to take low-dose aspirin daily anyway (in addition to Tamoxifen). It looks pretty clear that it does have a preventive/slowing effect on some cancers, including BC, but the trial will prove that for sure and also confirm the lowest effective dose to get the benefit.

Obviously there are some risks with aspirin too so best to talk to your doc if you’re thinking of taking it.

Apparently they’ve known about this positive side effect of aspirin for some time but had difficulty getting funding for the trial because there’s no money in it for Big Pharma (no new drug to licence!). Thank goodness for the NHS and Cancer Research!

Just wondered why you could not go on the trial is there a certain criteria you have to meet x

I"m responding in relatiion in to the Aspirin  as noticed a reference to my being considered for the trial ( post chemo ) in one of the letter!s sent to my GP. So very interested to read this. Thanks everyone.


I’ve only had time to skim through the links but I certainly wouldn’t have described nyself as being toverweight! In fact, most of the weight gain which would still only render me marginally overweight was when I was on Letrozole, interestingly enough and because it was during the winter months!  At 5’ 6" and  a size 12-`14, the latter because I’m a 34F so require that size in tops, dresses etc For nearly all my life I have been very slim! Now, of course I find I’m so tired with the chemo, I’m unable to walk etc as briskly as I did before, at least in the first few weeks after each session!



I have only been on Letrozole for 3 months and I’ve noticed my skin is dryer with new wrinkles. I’m 58.

Hi Suziex, I have definitely noticed my skin ageing rapidly over the past 6 months or so, though I’ve been on Letrozole for 4 years. I’m 68 so I know I have to expect ageingskin, but I’ve always had good skin and have always maintained a good skin care regime. Have tried so many creams, drinking more water etc. but nothing is helping. I believe the s/e’s of Letrozole are cumulative and I know I’m not feeling as good as I did 2 or 3 years ago, mentally or physically, despite getting a bit more exercise and always eating pretty healthily. My tests are fine, I just feel less like ‘me’ …and these wrinkles aren’t helping :/. My onc helpfully asked what made me think my problems are caused by Letrozole, and if I’d seen a psychiatrist because of my anxiety! I’m sure many of you can relate to feeling as if you’re being dismissed. Anyone else going through this?

have just stopped taken Lexrozole after 3years because it made me so unwell, however more to your point when chatting to my consultant he remarked on my beautiful skin and said Letrozole can be very ageing for the skiin keep slapping on the cream. BIH HUGS TO ALL THE BRAVE LADIES