Letrozole & Alcohol

Hello all,

I have been on Letrozole since June and have found a brand I seem to get on alright with most of the time. I don’t drink much these days, but still look forward to the odd glass, but I have noticed that when I do I get extreme migraines even after just a couple, often starting before I even go to bed.  I thought it might be wine so last night I switched to beer.  I had three beers and was awake at 3am with another head-splitting migraine, nausea (almost) vomiting.  Finally got out of bed at midday and now feeling like I’ve had a dose of chemo, wobbly, ringing in my ears, bad stomache.

Anyone else react to alchol like this post-treatment?  I think I am going to finally give up altogether but don’t hear anything about this in side effects so just curious.

Hello All

I am on Letrozole and have found that when I have alcohol it makes the hot flushes even worse, almost seem continuous at night, so don’t sleep then feel exhausted.  So I have cut out the alcohol completely,not that i had that much anyway and things do seem to have improved. The other side effects I am getting are bad aching joints - it seems every joint that I had a problem with before is now worse.  Still the side effects although not nice are better than the cancer.  Keep strong xx

Update from me, 9 months after starting on Letrozole…


I’ve now just completed active treatment, and have just tentatively had a glass of wine (one glass, last night). The good news is that I didn’t have the really bad reaction to it that I had when I started on Letrozole, so I think that side effect has gone. But it did go straight to my head after 9 months of being teetotal!


After 9 months ‘dry’ I’ve got used to not drinking, so am now going to stay largely teetotal and just drink wine on special occasions. Helps keep the weight off too…

I too get terrible headaches from wine since starting letrozole. Also terrible leg cramps at night if drink wine. I can drink a vodka and soda without negative effect.

Seems we cant drink alcohol mostly because of horrible headaches. I only enjoy 3 or 4 drinks maybe once a month. I’m trying to experiment with different drinks. Anyone figure drink out let me know. 

Horrible migraines. Just 2 drinks starts it. Good luc . I’m having horrible feet and leg pain . I want to quit this letrozol . Good luck to all here.  BB

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Hi my name is Cynthia

I’m sorry your feeling so bad I didn’t realize how old your comment was & I truely only made a username here so I could apply to you.

i have ms (multiple scerlosis, it’s my mom who struggled twice now with cancer of the breast sadly)

Although I’m disabled now…

I used to work pharmacy and specialty pharmacy and my mother is on this drug well was until she found her self with all the exact same effects you are having. 

I truely believe from being someone who worked pharmacy I absolutely believe it’s the over working of the liver I also talked to a active pharmacist who very nicely did research on this drug class as a generization and found that alcohol can’t very much intensify side effects from this drug. But at the same point it’s not really discussed like it should be but maybe because there’s not a lot of info about it really.

I hope it helps 

it’s so helpful everyone sharing there experiences here And I hope my ideas and my life experience might help u or anyone. 


  • cynthia :slightly_smiling_face:

god bless you

I’m very sorry you or anyone had to deal with something so devistating at all. 

I hope you have found some peace in your journey :slightly_smiling_face:

After 2 years on letrozole Dr. Said take a month break from it. My thighs and upper arms so sore at nigh . I’m thinking bones hurting.   Shoulders and swollen hands. My legs are getting weaker by the day. Any one else? 

What is relieving your joint pain?