Letrozole and bladder irritations

Started treatment around six weeks ago and started to experience discomfort and irritation with my bladder in week 2, mainly in the morning on getting up and then easing off a bit later in the day. Am on a different brand now (Accor) to when I started (Dr Reddy) and that doesn’t seem to make a difference. 

Has anyone else had this side effect and would have any advice? 

Many thanks 


Hi Netty,


I’m off Letrozole now and back on Tamoxifen but I had the same problem. From about week 2 it was almost as if I’d lost sensation and didn’t get a warning I needed to pee. Had a few close calls as bizarrely if my eyes saw a loo I started to go so had to be quicker than Linford Christie getting on to the loo !

i had lots of awful side effects with Letrozole and must admit I never mentioned this one to my consultant, GP or pharmacist ( I’d never seen anyone else mention it so thought it was just me.)  It did start to get better but as soon as I came off Letrozole it went away.

the things we have to deal with hey xx Melanie 

Hello Nettie,


Hope you are feeling a little better and things have settled naturally.  If not,  it may be worth going to Nurse/GP with a sample and just get it checked for any infection to be on the safe side.  Iissues with the Urinary Tract,  as you describe, can unfortunately be an effect of reduced oestrogen whether naturally through menopause or through taking medication like Letrozole.  You may find it helpful to discuss ways of managing with Nurse.  Or try some pelvic floor exercises  along with other non medical interventions like avoiding foods and drinks that can irritate the bladder (caffeine is usually identified as a trigger).

Vaginal oestrogen treatment can also help but there still seems to be a mixed medical response to prescribing these to people on AI type meds like Letrozole, due to some oestrogen travelling throughout  the body.  However, using some other non hormonal vaginal product may also reduce discomfort.

Best Wishes to you,

Chick x