Letrozole and Calcium tablets

Hi everyone,
I start radiotherapy in 2 weeks and have been reading some really useful tips on the forum , but one thing I’ve noticed is that most people have been put on Letrozole for 5 years. I’ve been told I’m on them for 10 years and the same for the calcium tablets
My radiotherapy is only for 5 sessions and I’m very anxious about them …
I was also advised to get Hydromol cream for afterwards is it any good
Thanks in advance for any help …


I’ve just finished 5 treatments of radiotherapy
I’ve been given Letrozole for 10 years, biophosonates for 3 years, no calcium tablets.

I’ve not heard of the cream so I can’t comment on that.

Hope your radiotherapy goes well
Sending hugs
J xx

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Some oncologists say 5-10 years and review at 5 years and decide then of an individial should take for 10 years some say 10 years straighf away. Age has also got to be a factor as Letrozole prevents production of oestrogen, so someone in their latter years may only get for 5 years I am ok on Letrozole and not everyone has bad side effects.

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I had 5 sessions of radiotherapy and was told that it a higher dose than those that have 15. I was given Letrozole for 5 years, No mention of longer but research I’ve seen suggests the longer it’s taken the less likely of recurrence but has not overall impact in survival. There has been more research with Tamoxifen than Letrozole (aromatase inhibitors).
Side effects so far (2 months) Fatigue, achy and pains, hot flushes and poor sleep.
I will also have Zoledronic acid/Zometa/bisphonates for 3 years and have VitiminD and calcium tablets (D3 calcichew )for the duration.

I used Radiaderm R1 and R2 gel/cream and only had some pinkness and swelling in one boob (tumours in both :unamused:). These were developed specially for radiotherapy. I think moisturiser is really important and probably fragrance free to prevent any skin reactivity.

Take care :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’m starting my eighth year of Letrozole! No really bad side effects. The odd bit of joint pain now and then. If you can tolerate it, it does seem to get easier as the years go by.


Thanks for positive comment about Letrozole I’ve heard such horror stories …
I was surprised to be told I’d be on it for 10 years means I’ll be 73 when it’s over …


Me too :raised_hand: power on my fellow BC trooper ! :muscle:

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Hi I had a lumpectomy r breast. Used an organic aloe Vera moisturiser for couple of weeks before RT and as long as you can afterwards.
Had 5 x RT sessions. On Letrozole for 5yrs and no issues with it other than my knuckle joints are stiff, and calcium supplements as Letrozole can cause bone thinning they said. Also had hexa scan for that right after RT and was fine.

All the best, stay positive :+1:t2::smiling_face: