Letrozole and cholesterol

Hi ladies


As Letrozole can cause high cholesterol can I ask if anyone has had their bloods checked for levels and if so who organised it - Onc or GP.

I haven’t had mine checked so wondered if I should request one. I don’t want a heart attack or stroke on top of the BC.


Joemic x 

Hi Joemic 


I went to my gp about this and she said as I was already on statins not to worry. However I haven’t had my cholesterol checked since 2014/15. Not very happy about her answer. Even the Oncologist wasn’t bothered.



Hello Joemic, 

I requested from GP and got test done after I pointed out Anastrazole can affect levels. I also am a bit of a cheeky imp and on my next blood test form from Oncology (for bloods prior to Zometa infusion), I have added a tick to the cholesterol box so they can test again for a six month follow up. I know, very naughty. I also ticked the CA15 box on the last three forms as well, which were duly measured. Whoops ?