Letrozole and cholestrol

Hi all. I’m 4 weeks post mastectomy for grade 2, stage 2/3 Invasive Lobular. ER+

So far 1 positive node out of 6

removed. Having total ANC on 22nd. They’ve not yet decided on radio or chemo but will be putting me on letrozole post treatment. I wondered how other users of this med are finding it, because I’m concerned about liver damage, high blood pressure (mine is naturally low) and raised cholestrol.

How are people finding it? 


Letrozole certainly is challenging!

I’ve been on it for 3 years now ( only another 7 to go… Yippee!). This is just my experience and I’m sure others will be different. The main issues are joint pain and fatigue. I also now have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My blood pressure was abit high anyway, so it just pushed it up abit more, so I now take tablets. The high cholesterol has just been diagnosed, ( not high enough for statins though) so am trying to watch my diet.

Having said that, all these things can be managed and I won’t stop taking the letrozole. Not everyone has these issues. Many don’t notice a difference. I guess I’m just one of the lucky ones???

Best wishes 

Sue xx