Letrozole and facial hair

Hi All, I started on Letrozole back in Jan, just after finishing chemo, now hair has grown back in all areas, but have noticed that I have a lot more facial hair, a lot of peach fur, but also loads of black ones, so having to hunt and remove them nearly every other day, anybody else having this issue.  Also if anybody has had any success with a permanent way to get rid of them, please share, thanks x

Although I’ve noticed facial hair a bit more since starting letrozole in 2019, I sometimes wonder if it’s just because I was completely bald from chemo. Not a hair remained anywhere. Brucie bonus didn’t have to shave anywhere lol.  I wonder if this is just how my face would naturally be now that I’m a bit older and I’m noticing it more because the hair was totally gone for a long time.  A lot of women start getting a peach fuzz and almost black bristles when they get older.