Letrozole and green lipped mussell

Does and anyone know whether it is Ok to take green lipped mussell when on letrozole?

I get joint pain because of the letrozole and I know green lipped mussell is very good for that, but I’m worrie about interactions or compromising th effectiveness of the letrozole.

Hi LilI

I’m not certain about green lipped mussels, but I would certainly check with your breastcare nurse before taking any medication. Mine are very good about giving me advice and it’s better than just taking it and worrying that it would interact badly with your treatment.

Best wishes, Poppyj

Last time I had letrazole (15 years ago), i was still taking glucosamine hydrochloride which my physio had recommended for joint pain for tomoxifen. It worked well with losing some of the 3 stone chemo weight. I was also able to go for a swim every lunch hour. This time round, I started glucosamine hydrochloride and cod liver oil, as soon as they mentioned letrazole, before the pain set in. Don’t forget to clear all supplements with your oncologist first and again before any surgery. Big (gentle) hugs.