Letrozole and hair thinning

Hi ladies,

I am on letrozole and as a side-effect of the medication have experienced hair thinning. I have been in hospital twice last year and have not been to the hairdressers since April. Is it okay to get your hair dyed with hair thinning or is it not a good idea? I have quite a lot of grey hair and want a permanent dye applied. Any advice?

Michelle xx

Hi my hair has thinned a little and I have it dyed.

Going to the hairdresser is a treat and I would want to give it up.

hope that helps



I would have my hair cut and dyed every six weeks however since my diagnosis I’ve switched to using Naturtint hair dye from Holland and Barrett, it’s gentler on my hair and covers the grey just as well as the salon dyes.

Jacq x