Letrozole and heartburn - advice from you please

Last night I had another attack of heartburn in the night and despite being advised not to take certain antacid remedies I just had to.

I now discover all of this is full of calcium carbonate and other things that potentially raise calcium levels. I am already taking two AdCal3 tablets a day and apparently too much calcium isn’t good for your kidneys so can anyone advise whether I should take one less AdCal3 tablet today or won’t it make any difference?

I have had two attacks of heartburn in the night recently but it’s not happening every night as far as I know. I have only woken up with it twice.


I used george’s aloe vera gel juice to treat my heartburn a few years ago. It worked wonders and when I told my oncologist I used it they didn’t have a problem with it. I’m off it now since the heartburn has reversed but if you have frequent attacks I would suggest looking into it. But as always definitely check with your own oncologist before starting.