Letrozole and hit a real low

I’ve recently started Letrozole and have hit a massive low…Has anyone else felt like this?  I’ve got made redundant just after finishing radiotherapy, am waiting for more surgery for something else and starting a new job…with BC this year and a fractured rib, feel totally overwhelmed with it all…

Hello @Lou59  

Oh my goodness you have got an awful lot to deal with at the moment, no wonder you are feeling so low. 
I believe one of the side effects of hormone therapy can be low mood but I don’t think this will be the only factor in how you are currently feeling. 
Can I suggest that you may speak to your GP who may be able to prescribe some mild antidepressants and/or put you in touch with some counselling services. You can also access cancer specific services through Breast Cancer Now (you can call the number above) Maggie’s and MacMillan: they will be happy to chat to you at anytime they are there for you all through treatment and beyond. 
I know how crippling these feelings can be, I have suffered from depression in the past and if I’m honest I’m not feeling 100% myself at the moment (I know from my BBC life I usually hit a wall around this time of year)

I hope you are able to find some help and you start to feel better soon

Lots of love AM :two_hearts: