Letrozole and Ibandronic acid

Just about to start taking Letrozole, Adcal D3 and Ibandronic acid.

Having carefully read the inserts on all three I’m nervous about the side effects of Ibandronic acid and the procedure of taking it every morning. Has anyone any experience or advice please?

Hey Gertie 

I know it’s all very scary and new and I was the same but please don’t worry. 

I have been on letrozole and ibrandronic acid for a year and touch wood have been ok. Remember it is all part of the treatment and a type of insurance against the cancer coming back. 

Take the Adcal daily and keep good dental hygiene (visit dentist, brush twice daily, use a mouthwash) and report and jaw pain/gum infections immediately. The nasty side effect of jaw issues is rare and now you know what to look out for. Also you need to take the ibrandronic acid first thing in the morning with plenty of water and stay upright for 30 minutes. You will get used to it. I take it first thing then have a shower/dress and 30 mins flies by!!

with letrozole I get hot flushes but it is manageable. It is like going through menopause all over again in my 60s

all the best xxx