Letrozole and indigestion

Hi Ive been taking letrozole for the last 6 weeks or so and all seemed fine
However over the past few days have been suffering with indigestion pain
I get it between my shoulder blades ( my mum was the same when she had indigestion)
The pain is quite bad and I’ve been unable to get a gp appointment
Im planning on buying some over the counter omeprazole type tablets
Has anyone else suffered this?
Im 69 btw
Thanks Sue x

Gaviscon liquid I found good. Also I find ginger biscuit settles my stomach worth a try but do mention it to your breast care team they can give you a course of tablets to settle the acid

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I’ve had a dodgy digestive system most of my life but it has been bad enough over the last 15 months, whilst I’ve been taking Letrozole, for the BC nurse to recommend in the autumn of last year, an investigation in case of stomach mets. Let me quickly say it WASN’T mets but I was put on 20mg of Omeprazole indefinitely. So there is no contra-indication between the two drugs, it is perfectly safe to take them together. I say together, I always take the Letrozole one hour before the Omeprazole to give it chance to get into the bloodstream. If you can’t get to your doctor and want to try it, get some Nexium from Boots. That contains 20mg of esomeprazole which is effectively the same thing. For reference, I am 68 and have been on both drugs around 15 months with some mini-breaks from both.


Hi I am so glad you have shared this , I started to take letrozole in June and I did have episodes of this painful indigestion but mine was mainly in the chest and back of chest , I was really scared thinking I may be having a heart attack or what , thought it was me having food late perhaps, (7 pm) , and the only thing I could think of taking Gavinscon which I did and it eased it off slowly, I did my go to Gp because I was silly thinking they are going to tell me am having a heart attack , I was petrified tbh. Thank god those episodes stopped on their own. I know I should have gone to checked out to rule anything out, but it sounds that this is one of the side effects. I hope this helps but obviously if it carry’s on please mention to your breast cancer nurse. Actually my BCN said if the gaviscon was working not to worry about it , they were not sure if this one of the side effects


Hi @Sue123, I hope you’ve felt better since you posted your note.
I found some information about Letrozole on our site in case it’s helpful: Letrozole (Femara) | Breast Cancer Now

If you need to chat to one of our team of breast care nurses, we’re always here and happy to chat things through.
Sending our warmest wishes