Letrozole and Insomnia ?

I have been on Letrozrole for almost a year and am having terrible trouble going off to sleep and then staying asleep. Fed up of watching the clock all night. Could this be the Letrozole? Anyone else got this problem? Thanks x

Hello Lolly

Could be one of the side effects of Letrozole or maybe partly anxiety about your condition. I’ve been on Letrozole since feb 2014 and I’m still battling with side effects - mainly terrible joint pains. Certainly worth talking to your breastcare nurse about this. Good luck.


Hi lolly I’ve been on letrozole. since March and I seem to be having the same problem I often watch the clock go round my main problem is the joint pain I find that quite debilitating at times I feel about 80 some days love judi



I’ve only been on it for a month but seem to get to sleep OK as I usually feel totally wiped out. But I always wake two-three hours after and than I can’t get back to sleep for ages and end up turning everything over and over in my mind. I’ve been taking it about 10pm but wonder if it would be better to take it earlier - perhaps in the morning. What time do you all take it and what brands are you on as this could also have an impact?


I don’t know we’re all at sea!


Best wishes



I’m having the same problems with insomnia on Letrozole too, I’ve been taking cipla brand. Picking up next months supply tomorrow so will see what brand I get. I’ve only been taking it a month as took tamoxifen for three months and had really bad side effects so onc switched me to Letrozole. I haven’t had joint pain yet but it’s early days. I can’t get off to sleep but when I do I keep waking up. It’s making me feel awful, I have to be up early for work as well. The joys of these tablets! 

I have been on letrozole for a year now and had a lumpectomy last July and radiotherapy in October/November. At first l didn’t really suffer any side effects except fatigue and a few aches. However, for the past few months my insomnia has got worse (it’s something l have suffered from for some years). I have had hot flushes ever since coming off HRT but these too have got worse. I am currently on Accord and am wondering if another brand would suit me better or whether these problems may improve with time. I would welcome any advice or comments.

Hello Lej
I have been on letrozole for nearly 18 months and had loads of different brands but find ACCORD the easiest with side effects !
Yes there are side effects but its a powerful little pill and worth trying to cope with.

I’ve been on letrozole for nearmy five years and the joint pains and insomnia and trigger finger and weight gain still the same I’ve never known such pain I was on arimidex after my lumpectomy in 2010 then exemerstane then letrizole discharged on tamoxifen only took ithe for four days as was very dizzy on it so my GP rang the oncologist and she told me to go back on letrozole my gums have also receded and I have been on cica accord and tea all had same effects there’s no ending to it

I take mine after my breakfast makes no difference whatsoever still wake up every hour had seven years of this along with nearly all the side effects also been on circa accord and tiva makes no difference. Tried all three of the tablets aramatose inhibiters not a lot of difference it’s something we’ve just got to put up with until something else is found