Letrozole and night sweats

I started taking Zoladex 10 weeks ago and I have been on letrozole 2 weeks. My night sweats are now every 45 mins-hour until around 5am and then I manage to get a couple of hours unbroken sleep. I’m doing all the things to try and reduce them. Just wondering for those that have been/are on AIs when they tend to settle down (not expecting them to go but to reduce). I’m coping with the other niggles from the drugs at the moment although I think they build over time? 


I’m getting a few, nowhere near as badly as you. I’ve bought a ‘cool blanket’ (from Amazon) and if I wake up sweating I pop that over me, and it seems to stop it very effectively and let’s me get back to sleep (and stay asleep)

I’m hoping the longer I’m on them the less it will happen as well.


I’m getting some hot flushes day and night.  The night times are worse, but nothing like you are experiencing. 

I have little hand held rechargeable fans from John Lewis that are now in every room.  They don’t stop them, but make them a little more bearable. 

Will follow this thread with interest. 

Sending pain free hugs.

Sam x

Hi Caro,
I hope you’re doing well and are managing on your hormone therapy.
I was wondering if your night sweats had settled or you have found a way to cope? Like you, I’m getting them almost every hour throughout the night and feeling exhausted and flat from the lack of sleep.
I started zoladex in June after 6 weeks on tamoxifen. The hot flushes and night sweats only kicked in with the zoladex.