Letrozole and statins

Good Morning All, Has anyone experience of taking statins whilst on Letrozole?.. if so which statin? I am getting a bit fed up and worried with my cholesterol level…when I have it tested I get called in to GP to tell me it is high ( I know ) around 6. It shot up within three months of starting the Letrozole. ( four years now)  I would like to start taking statins. Info people please! ?


Hello Happyboobs

I take anastrozole which is very like letrazole and my cholesterol shot up from 4 to 6.3.I had a fasting

blood test which showed HDL good cholesterol was good and triglycerides good but GP still recommended statins so I take 20mg simvastatin. I insisted on starting with a low dose and after 3 months a further blood test showed cholesterol now back to 4.2 so quick result.I have no side effects at all so do insist on trying the low dose first

Best Wishes

Lainey x