Letrozole and stomach issues

Hi Ladies


I seem to be experiencing every side effect that is possible on letrozole! Anyone getting constipation/diarrhoea on this drug? My stomach just won’t settle. Gp thinks get it checked out, but I’m so fed up of hospital appointments right now. Thoughts?

Sue xx

Hi Sue 

I started letrozol 3 weeks ago and at first my stomach was sore and gripey but that has settled. Now the dog and I are in competition as to whose stomach gurgles the loudest and the most! It is like a washing machine and I have a tendency towards being loose. (Sorry if tmi). I haven’t experienced constipation though - that must be particularly uncomfortable on top of other side effects you having to cope with. 
But the Letrozol has definitely changed by stomach and loo habits for sure.


Hi Sue, I am on Letrozole and Palbociclib. Can get constipated at the beginning of my

cycle but loose at end ? Thinking it’s the Palbociclib for the constipation and the Letrozole for the other. Deffo gripey, and when I have to go…,well, I have to go. I drink my peppermint tea, and ginger nuts are back in the cupboard. Although I think I’ve found a winner in Morrisons rice cakes covered in dark chocolate and mint! ? x