Letrozole and stomach pains

Does anyone else have acid type stomach pains with Letrozole? 


I take Omeprazole anyway for GERD and have found recently that I have been having a feeling in my stomach like the GERD symptoms but no reflux. Have been taking Letrozole with food in the evening and this has helped with the other SE,s apart from the hot flushes.


Just wondered??

Hi Bellas Mum 

I am experiencing similar symptoms to you. I too have been on Omeprazole for a while but thought I’d give it a rest ( haven’t taken it for about 4 months) but resorted to taking it again today. I am also experiencing a bloating feeling too as tend to be constipated at times.

Just wondered if you were experiencing this too or anyone else is? I’ve been on Letrozole since February.


Juliewulie xx

Hi julieWulie

I get bloating but unfortunately I get the opposite and get the runs. Lovely drug this! I have only been on letrozole since May. Joint pains have decreased thank god! Saw another post from someone else to say they were having the same problem.

Hi Bellas Mum Yes I have had some dreadful stomach pains since taking Letrozole and my acid reflux has really been playing up. I seem to fluctuate from having the runs each morning for a week or so to begin constipated and then back to having the runs. Sorry for being so graphic!! Joint pains are not that bad most of the time but making sure I keep taking pain killers as currently having Rads. I think the worst part of all of this is not being able to sleep I am sure the insomnia is a se and I am getting worried is this going to be me for the next 5 years?. Sorry for the going on about me just having a bit of a down day today and you know how it is you start to write something and then you feel like you can’t stop. Anyway feel better for getting it off my chest. Off for my next date with Willow the Rads mac

I can do this. Thanks for your kind words feeling much better tonight. Just think sometimes it all creeps up on you x. Sending hugs back. Chris

I too am on Letrozole.  I get stomach pain and insommnia and all the other side effects.  Hopefully these side effects don’t last too long.