Letrozole and sunburn


I am feeling a bit of a lemon at the moment.

I went to my grandchildren’s sports day on Friday, the weather was warm but not sunny, very hazy.

My grandchildren are all fair skinned and two of them have white/blond hair. Their Mum did not put sun block on them as she didn’t think it warrented it. They have not been affected in any way by the sun that day .

However I am very burnt!

I am on Letrozole, is this connected? I have been on it for a year, had chemo and radiotherapy last year.

Has anybody had this experiance?

Best wishes to all.



Hi Happyboobs - great name

I was diagnosed April 2014 and had chemo I was told that during chemo your skin is very sensitive and I did notice going redder quicker. I was having bloods done at my chemo unit in May this year and mentioned to the Sister I had gone red quick now and she said the skin can remain sensitive for a while they don’t know why in some people it does.