Letrozole availability

Hello ladies

I just wondered if anyone had experienced not being able to get their usual brand of letrozole during the current pandemic?  I always have Accord, but my (normally very good) pharmacist says it isn’t available.  I am reluctant to change brands on the basis of having heard many post on here that a different brand makes so much difference  Whilst I do have side effects of accord I am familiar with them and can manage them. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced a similar thing and what - if anything! - you did about it.

Thank you lovely ladies x

Hi Thurnefi

I take anastrozole and my excellent pharmacist actually phoned me before I even put in my repeat request and was very apologetic but was adamant that Accord was not available.

I have agreed to try Niche brand which was advised as being a close match and the coatings and fillers are identical to Accord.I have taken it for 12 days with a little increase in hot flushes But not significant. I have been taking Accord for 9 years so was concerned. It may be worth contacting Accord manufacturer to find out what the problem  is.

Best Wishes x