Letrozole before or after rads?

Hi everyone
Just seeking general consensus on this.

Following WLE 6 weeks ago I met with
the oncologist yesterday and he gave me a prescription for Letrozole and discussed what would happen when I start radiotherapy.

After the meeting I was under the impression that I would start taking the Letrozole after rads but my other half thinks I was told to take it straight away.
Phoned my bcn who said consultants vary in their recommendation on this and I should wait for my planning appointment and not to worry about it. My planning meeting is not for 3 weeks.
I’ve tried a call to the oncology department and left a voicemail but no reply and as it is now Friday afternoon I’m not sure I will receive one before the weekend .

Can I just ask for anyone’s experience on this? Is Letrozole usually taken after rads or does this depend on the individual case?

Many Thanks x

Hi Andi, can only offer what I’ve done.


I was initially told I’d start 6 weeks after surgery when radiotherapy was expected to start. 


However I met the medical oncology team 3 weeks after surgery and was given Letrozole at that appointment. I actually didn’t start taking them until 5 days later as I had a short break planned and didn’t want to take them while away in case I had immediate side effects!

Can’t say I’ve noticed much difference taking them so far, as I still seem to be recovering from the effects of chemo, and have continued with Herceptin and Pertuzumab 3 weekly, so don’t know what’s attributed to what!


I’m sure it won’t make any difference waiting until Monday to speak to your oncology team for them to confirm what they said to you. 


Have a a good weekend xx


Hi Andi,
I’m on tamoxifen, but from what I’ve seen here, advice on this does vary. I was advised to start the day after rads, which is what I did. My understanding was that this was to avoid any suppression of any remaining bc cells, so that they could be zapped by rads.
Others are told differently & hopefully one of the other ladies can shed more light on this.
ann x

Thank you ladies for providing details of your experience. It seems that advice on when to start taking the meds does vary.
A friend was also told to start her Tamoxifen after rads.
I didn’t receive a call back from the oncology department so will see what they say after the weekend.

If anyone else on the forum can offer any comments on this I would be grateful.

Hope everyone has a peaceful weekend x

Thanks NorthernGal

Guess I’m just concerned that I should be starting the Letrozole as soon as possible as the oncologist just talked about it as an "insurance policy ".

Looking at your timescales from surgery to taking the meds I am not too far out of sync. I had my WLE in February but seem to be waiting and waiting for my rads to start. The surgeon told me 8 weeks post surgery but I haven’t even got a planning appointment yet.

The surgery has healed well, so I think the delays are just caused by waiting times within the system. Not that I’m complaining about the NHS, I am extremely grateful for the excellent care I have received so far.
I just need to get on with the next part of the process and move on with my life.

I am so pleased to hear that the Letrozole has not had any significant impact in terms of side effects. I will hold that thought when I start to take them.

As you are a “Northern Gal” can I ask if you are having rads in Sheffield?

Thanks again for your comments x