Letrozole brand - reporting side effects

Dear ladies,

I have seen and heard many reports of various side effects from taking Letrozole, and I’m sure different people suffer from different side effects from each brand.

I have also seen and heard (mostly within this site) that the differences could be down to either the “fillers” within each tablet, used to bulk them up, or the coating used on them.

I just wondered whether anyone had thought to report the side effects under the yellow card scheme?  Until the MHRA hears about the various side effects with the different brands, the manufacturers will continue without making any changes, charging the NHS for drugs that are causing a lot of us so many problems, which doesn’t help us, or the ladies coming after us who may end up with severe side effects.

I would like to recommend that if you suffer particular side effects from one brand that you don’t get with another, you report it under the scheme which can be accessed here - yellow card scheme

I  have just made a report, it took me about 10 minutes.

Hi Adrift

Thank you for sharing this with everyone.

Best wishes
Digital Community Officer

Thanks for the information about the yellow card scheme Adrift, I would like to record the differing symptoms between brands however I’m finding it difficult to source anything other than Crescent (Lloyds Chemist) or Accord (Boots) both of which cause me joint pain, aching muscles and insomnia. I was able to get Teva (not sure if I’ve spelled that correctly) for 1 month but then Boots couldn’t supply it any more, it seemed better but I didn’t try it for long enough to be sure. Do you have a brand that causes you fewer /less severe side-effects and where do you you source it? Many Thanks.