Letrozole brands

Hi ladies I’m stressing about changing brands on Letrozole.

Am in the early days of hormone treatment, had 15 days on CIpla with no issues. Changed to Accord as my local chemist couldn’t supply Cipla and after 6 days had horrendous tummy cramps and diarrhoea. Switched back to Cipla for the remainder of the packet and the problem has disappeared. 

Now need to find somewhere to supply further Cipla but I’m having trouble where I live. Could widen my search, but thought I’d ask in the meantime what brands people are on and how they are finding them? 

Appreciate any replies, thank you. Xx

I am 2 weeks into the Cipla brand and so far so good.
The 1st prescription was supplied by my hospital.
Because of so many adverse comments about Cipla I had planned to ask my pharmacist for Accord.
However I now think I will see how I go on the Cipla brand.
I did have a little insomnia at first but changed the time of taking the meds from evening to morning.
I also read that drinking lots of water when taking the tablet can help minimise some of the stomach issues. Maybe worth a try?xx