Letrozole Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Hi I am new here and would like to ask for help and advice around Letrozole. I have been on this drug for nearly a year and am suffering from painful joint pain. This has become particularly bad at night and is waking me, my arms elbows wrists and fingers get to the point where they feel locked. I have been taking paracetamol but it makes little difference. 


I was diagnosed with BC 2013 and then a month later OC  and I am grateful for being put on the drug as there are  thoughts it’s helps both cancers in reducing the oestrogen, My ovarian cancer was much worse the the breast and I don’t want to feel a failure giving up on the drug.


Any words of wisdom gratefully receive


Thank you

Hi there,


I read your post with interest. Last year I was diagnosed with BC and then, like you less than a month later with OC. Following ops and chemotherapy treatment I have been put on a drug called Anastrozole and was told that I may experience painful joints. I have only been taking it for about six weeks and so far have been fine. I think if you contact your GP or Oncologist they will listen and look at alternative drugs that may suit you better. I wondered how long after you started taking it, did the pain start ? I already suffer with painful joints in my hands so it may be difficult to determine what the pain is due to. I was told I will have to have regular bone scans and have already had the first one. 


Please don’t think you are a failure, if it doesn’t suit you it’s not your fault.

Good luck :smileyhappy

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I have attached a link to our publication on Letrozole:


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You might also find it helpful to have a look in the section “Going through treatment/hormone therapy”.  There are a few threads on there about Letrozole which you could join, or start a new thread.  I’ve attached a link to the relevant section:


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