Letrozole - Cholesterol & Pre diabetes

Hello Everyone,

I have been on letrozole for nearly 5 years.  Overall not too bad, creaky joints, but does not stop me doing anything.  Had a review at GP, and blood test reveals high cholesterol, and prediabetes.  I was aware that letrozole can cause raised cholesterol, but the pre diabetes was a surprise.

Is this another side effect of letrozole I wonder, or just a coincidence?

Hello bobtail,


Well that is good to hear that you have been on an AI for nearly 5 years and managing well with it.

Just wondering if you may be better posting your  question in the Ask The Nurses section. 


I am not on Letrozole but am on Anasty.  Pre-diabetes/effects on blood sugars does not seem to be listed on the formal side effects lists or widely published. 


Mind you, oestrogen alongwith other hormones,  surely plays a role in maintenance of blood sugar levels and whether it’s the natural menapause or other means of reducing our oestrogen supplies, maybe it just puts us at higher risk of such events occurring, especially if we have other risk factors such as being overweight, not being physically active and all that. 


Mind you, as it’s pre-diabetes, it hopefully means you can take steps to prevent type 2 occuring.  I do hope this is the case for you. 


Take Care and Best Wishes x