Letrozole - cholestrol testing

Should regular tests be done for cholesterol when on Letrozole as one of the side effects is an increase in cholestrol? I have just started on Letrozole but concerned i have never had a test to my knowledge to ascertain a base line to work on. I have contacted my surgery for advice & waiting for a reply. Anyone else in this position?

Hi Welsh Lady

I hope you are well.

I have been on Letrozole for 16 months.

I have had several blood tests in the past to check my cholesterol due to family blood/ heart problems and have struggled to keep it around 5.

Three months after starting the Letrozole I had my yearly blood check and it had risen to 6.1 , a bit of a surprise.

My recent tests a year later it was 5.7 so I was a little happier but keep on with the porridge.

Nobody has suggested the blood tests it is just something I request at my GP surgery about a month before I see my oncologist so we can discuss it.

I have a blood test every year.

All the best


Thanks for your reply. I love your name ? I already eat porridge every day but I’m also going to start using a cholestrol reducing spread. I’m surprised no one suggested i have a test, it seems we have to request it. We have a family history of heart problems & strokes so I don’t want to take any chances. I had a call back from the surgery & now have a fasting blood test booked. ?