Letrozole Dr Reddy's brand

Hi All,

           I’m suffering from joint and muscle pain, plus night sweats, insomnia etc. with Letrozole. I’ve tried Crescent, Accord and TEVA brands. I can’t get TEVA any more but I’ve found that WELL Chemists stock Dr Reddy’s, I’m interested if  anybody has tried Dr Reddy’s and what the side effects are like.


Many Thanks


Dr Reddy’s is the brand for me. I have arthritis so anymore joint pain would be intolerable. It can be hard to source and l now drive to the pharmacy l know that stocks it. After a lot of persuading, it is stated as the brand on my prescription. I believe that it is one of the more 

expensive brands. The one to avoid for me is Teva. Could hardly move after a few days on 

that. I do get the occasional hot flush - not attractive when you are 73!

Good luck finding the brand that suits you.