Letrozole Extended Beyond 5-years

Hi everyone,

Not been here for a long time! 

I’ve been on Letrozole for 5-years now and received a letter from my oncologist to say they would like me to continue taking it for another two years! I remember reading about some studies in the past which recommended taking it for longer than the original time plan. I assume others here have had similar recommendations?

Interesting reading about some of the side effects as generally regarded myself as having very few (apart from thinning hair, skin) until about 6-months ago when I started having muscle cramps in legs, fingers, which I originally thought was caused by my GP changing my Vit-D brand from CalciChew (1 tablet 2x daily) to Accrete (1 tablet daily) so I got them to switch it back, recently. So from reading on here it sounds as if it these symptoms might well be due to the Letrozole, after all

I’ve been told I’ll be on it for 10 years. Only been on it about six months so far!

I was told it would possibly be 10 years.  Have had arthralgia from it since shortly after starting it but determined to see the positive from taking it.  Six feet above is better than six feet under