Letrozole - extremely painful lips


I am taking Letrozole and have been for 18 months now. In the last two months my lips have become more and more painful and I have sore dry patches on my face. Despite using Vaseline, then Lypsil, neither of which worked, I am now using papaya cream which I have to put on every hour and it dries out and gets really sore within that time. My specialist had never heard of this happening to anyone so was not much help.

Has anyone else suffered from this and found anything that alleviates the pain?

Thank you for your time.


I haven’t heard of this but sounds like you should be referred to a dermatologist.

Hi Pip - I was really interested to read your post. I’ve been on Letrizole since August last year and am having similar problems with my lips. I’m prone to cold sores in the winter, but for a few months now I’ve had really sore lips. Very dry - nothing seems to make much difference - with small ulcers that take forever to heal. I no sooner get rid of one than another appears! I just put it down to the cold winter weather and hoped it would go away again in due course. No problems with dry skin.

Let me know how you get on. Hope it improves for you soon.

I have news. I took Letrizole after double mastectomy and suffered burning swollen lips top and bottom. I came off Letrizole for implant surgery and symptoms stopped. I went back on a week after second surgery and within a week symptoms were back with a vengeance. I complained to my Oncologist who was clueless. I mentioned it to my breast surgeon and she said it was Stevens-Johnson syndrome. VERY DANGEROUS (Google it). My surgeon was was so concerned she said even the twin drug to Letrizole could be dangerous to me for same reason. I have since refused all drugs and am using grape seed extract and DIM which does the same thing but singles out bad estrogen and flushes them out while allowing good estrogen to continue to protect bones and heart. My dentist prescribed: Clotrimazole and Beta methasone cream, 1%/0.05% for a topical for lips. I as well as all of you should bring this to the attention of anyone who will listen and report to the FDA.

I had allergic reaction to Tamoxifen, sore mouth and my lady bits very sore and swollen, constant tummy problems.


It was same rare allergic reaction you mention.


I had it with anti epileptic drugs too.


But if its allergy its gets worse and worse.


I have started Letrozole and note dry mouth now.


It is hard to know whats hormone related or not.