Letrozole Fatigue - Is it worth changing time of day to take it?

Has anyone found any improvement in the level of fatigue experienced by changing what time of day they take the Letrozole? i.e.could it be worth me taking it in the evening instead of in the morning as I do now?


The fatigue is really getting me down lately and most people I know just think its ordinary tiredness (if only) and my motivation to try and push through the fog is increasingly difficult.


Despite being tired all the time, I also wake up a lot at night as well which can’t be helping.


I have been taking it for one year now (only another 9 years to go, I might have turned into 100% zombie by then). I feel the fatigue has got worse lately and being so tired I find my cognitive functioning is shot to pieces.  

Hi LadyMondergreen
I’ve been taking Letrozole only for 10wks and I take it at night before I go to bed. I’ve had a very few side effects; not sleeping if hard but don’t feel the fatigue you describe. Might be worth trying taking it at night to see if it helps. Good luck xx

His just read your post I same with letrozole severe fatigue how are you now are you still taking or did you change?

Regards kate