Letrozole & hair loss

hi Everyone,

Am 15 months past chemo -FEC-T 6 rounds. Had the works radiotherapy, Hercpetin , mastectomy and put on Letrozole a year ago. My hair has sort of returned at the sides but is very scant on top HArdly grows!. So fed up with it. It’s fine and infact is getting thinner not thicker. I went to a specialist hairdresser last week who told me that it is the Letrozole that is doing the damage now and the cause of my ongoing hair problems. He has a treatment for it which he has had good success with getting hair back so am still hoping. Well what have I got to loose?? Haha…

Anyone else had this problem? The hairdresser told me it is common problem on Letrozole. I looked it up on pub med and sure enough there is recent research showing exactly the type of balding I have -all due to Letrozole. I have another four years of treatment yet so at this rate I will be bald as a coot at the end. Lovely! 

Dont get me wrong am grateful for the treatment saving my life but wished I’d been told about the baldness cos then I could’ve prepared myself for a fair few years of wigs! Lol…rather then keep hoping it will come back!! 


Be be good to hear from others with this problem. 


Hi Waveylocks

It sounds like we are at the same stage of Letrozole.

I have posted about this on another thread ( can’t remember which one but maybe that is another side effect of the medication!)?

I feel the same as you and also if somebody could say that my hair won’t get worse I could cope but of course nobody can say that!

About two weeks ago I started using Regaine, I am not expecting much but live in hope that it might help.

I was surprised that my GP has prescribed it for me, the 5% men’s one.

I am a bit worried about the side effects of that as well .

What treatment has your hairdresser suggested?

All the best to everyone



Hi Wavylocks

Thank you for your feedback regarding your experience calling our Helpline.  I would like to assure you that we do listen and take all feedback seriously.

We would very much like the opportunity to talk to you again either by the Helpline 0808 800 6000 or our Ask the Nurse service, which is by email.

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Hi I had hair thinning on letrozole and tamixufen.but not noticable…iv just had docetaxol or taxotere…and I wore a coldcap.my hair loss was small.finished taxotere seven weeks ago and this week my eyelashes and eyebrows have gone almost…i looks at taxotere and it can cause permanent hair loss.theres a site called taxotears where women are grouping to put their views across…well I cam only hope eyelashes grow back…sharon

Hello Rosie
Same old chestnut but I had several brands and the one that is the best of the bunch for me is " accord" and my doc marked my prescription for that one.
Last week I collected my pills and was told that they couldn’t get it and I got " cipra" .within a few days …achy, itchy and hair loss again.
It does make a big difference and a lot of the ladies on the secondary threads say that “sandoz” is the better one as its made by femera which is the original.
I’m not sure what choices u have in Cyprus but try asking …I feel we are palmed off with a pound shop version rather than John Lewis version !!!

Hello after 16 months on letrezole I noticed my hair thinning and a friend suggested Nourikrin tablets. Mineral and seaweed based and my hair has stopped falling out and settled down.

My hairdresser said once it had started thinning there was little anyone could do…Oncologist said it happens and Dr suggested iron tablets and a fungal liquid neither helped.

My hair hasn’t returned to it’s once glorious life and thickness but at least I’m not finding it everywhere and hair balls in the plug hole.


I’m taking Letrozole and have experienced some shedding but I’ve had far worse hair loss before cancer due to a blood condition, and found the Viviscal supplement helped but don’t know if it can be taken with medication. I’ve also taken Sun Chlorella A in the past and continue to do so now as I’ve been told by a pharmacist it’s safe to take. Did show it to my Oncologist, hadn’t heard of it but after reading the box, said it was okay! I found hair loss soul destroying and went to see dermatologists who specialised in hair loss and the trichologist Philip Kingsley, he was very good and said one of the most important things anyone can do for their hair is to eat some protein at breakfast to feed the hair. Lucinda Elleray is also worth looking into if things get bad, not cheap but her hair pieces and clip ins are excellent. I have a friend who lost a lot of hair after having too many extensions, she wears one of their hair clip ins every day and you would never know. Hope this helps x 

Hi Everyone

I have been on Letrozole (Accord) for six months now and my hair has thinned considerably - I would say between 30-50%. I couldn’t find any connection between the two until I came across your forum, so many thanks to you all. Will look into remedies now and advise if I have any success. Best wishes, Marmalade.

Hi.  I’ve been on Letrozole for 10 years, and have what my GP cheerfully described as “male balding pattern”.  Great!!!  The nano fibres are good to thicken what we have, I have found… otherwise, I’m much more self-conscious about it than others, I think…  Just been taken off Letrozole and put on Anastrozole, but the leaflet says the same about that…