Letrozole, joint pain and Race For Life

Hi everybody-I’ve not been on this forum in a long time (I haven’t been able to keep up with it all) but I have a Q. Has anybody (on Letrozole) done any of the charity events (or any running to be honest) with knee/joint pain, and if so, how do you manage the pain? I signed up for the 10K Race for Life end of this month-and have done three 5K runs so far and am finding that in the cardio department I am *fine*, but my legs are aching terribly and my left knee in particular (today) was aching. I am determined to run 5K on the day and walk 5K. I’ve been on Letrozole since Oct 2018 and my joints have been feeling it like nothing else:). Other side effects are manageable, but this one ain’t helping me train! Any input would be much appreciated. xxxx 

Good on you for giving it a go!

I’m on goserelin and exemestane, and managed to do a 10km ‘virtual’ race for CancerResearchUK. I generally find that running (or other activity) helps reduce joint pain over the next few days, but also that any joint or bone ache is magnified by the exemestane so it all comes with a lot more worry than before.

I’ve found I have to be super-careful to stretch properly so that my hip, knee and heel don’t complain. I’ve looked up stretches for different joints on websites like Runners World or done Yoga with Adriene for runners.

Did you work your way up to 5k runs, and did you notice your knee getting worse at any point? xx