Letrozole & joint pain

I have been on Letrozole since August 23 following a mastectomy due to invasive lobular breast cancer, stage 2, grade 2, also in 1/12 lymph nodes.

I had been taking a cod liver oil capsule each day but was still incredibly stiff, especially my knees, and I hobble around like a 90 year old. On the advice of my Oncologist, I started taking 1500mg Glucosamine with Chondroitin instead, but after 6 weeks (I have been told it can take 6 weeks to take effect), I am still so very stiff. I have read that some people take cod liver oil as well as Glucosamine. Has that made a difference to anyone on here?

Thank you.

Hi, sorry about that.
I used to have pain on letrozole too, especially right on top of my knee. For me very cold runny water for few minutes, than hot wayer for a minutes helped a lot, especially after few weeks I was doing it…but may be was just me, as nobody told me to do that…but I just find out it gived me relieve!
I wish you all the best, and hope somebody else will answer too, with better suggestions

I’ve only been on Letrozole for 7 weeks and am incredibly stiff like you. I’m 55 but feel 90! What I have found is the more I move the less it hurts. I have to balance rest with movement. It’s not much fun!

I have recently had a couple of aromatherapy massages which have been lovely and relaxing. I read that magnesium can help so I’ve been taking that on top of the VitaminD prescribed by oncologist (which also is supposed to help).


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Ive been on letrozol since September 23 and had bad joint pain for months then someone suggested taking it in the evening is better. Since changing when i take it the daytimes aches and pains have reduced greatly. My sleep is a little disturbed but its a small price to pay in my case . Good luck with finding a solution that suits you x


I have been on letrozole since November 2017. I’m 73 years old so except my joints are not so good. However i have tried different brands of letrozole and respond differ to all of them. At the moment on either Accord or Bristol and no joint pains. My advice try fifteenth brands. Good luck


Thank you so much to all of you. I am already taking the Accord brand of Letrozole as I have found it the best of the bunch with regards to the horrid side effects. I also take Evacal for calcium and vitamin D.

I walk daily to try to strengthen my joints and have just started back at Pilates as I have read that this may also help.

Hopefully the awful stiffness may ease, I am 59 and am usually a power-walker but that seems a distant dream at the moment.