Letrozole not working


I’ve not posted for a while. Found out on Monday that I have multiple lesions in my liver now. First diagnosed with BC in 2018, then MBC in 2021 and it was found in my hip. Was on letrozole for 2 years and it was working well. My CT in march was okay. 
But the letrozole has stopped working and now I have multiple mets in my liver. Didn’t know the tumour can become resistant to the drug. 
I’ve got infection in my left lower abdomen as I’ve had a fistula. My oncologist is going to hopefully start me on low dose chemotherapy and monitor me so I don’t get too ill with the infection. Has anyone had an infection before while receiving chemo? 

Michelle x

Hi Michelle

So sorry to hear that you’re going through this, I’m sure it’s a worrying time for you.  Sounds like you are in good hands though with a treatment plan.  I haven’t been in your position, but maybe others can advise.  I have however been wondering about Letrozole (which I’m taking) can stop working, in fact how do you know if it’s working in the first place?  Wonder if anyone has had blood tests to check hormone levels?

Anyway hope things go well for you.

Hello Michy1. Sorry to hear you have all this worry. I’ve learnt I have recent multiple liver mets having had primary bc 2021. I had read that letrozole does not work for everyone and I’m seeing my oncologist on 12/6 and she anticipates taking me off it. She mentioned the tumour markers and also that she thinks I have endocrine resistance to letrozole. If we can swap any info on this / support each other, very happy to and I wish you well.