Just started the combined drug therapy letrozole/palbociclib on Friday. Have been in bed all weekend with tiredness, pain (though this seems to have decreased today), and feeling nauseous. I haven’t eaten much since starting the drugs. Is this normal? I can live with the night sweats.



Hi Michelle Liz here again I found I had nausea and diarrhoea initially with palbo was on 125mg dose but got lanzoprazole for symptoms which helped. I take my palbo at night also you should drink plenty water. The letrozole can give you joints pain but I find gentle exercise helps . I think it takes your body a bit to adjust to meds so rest when you are tired also the emotional side is draining and tiring . Try little and often for food and I defo find I have gone off certain foods but try to eat as healthy as possible. Sending love and hugs and I’m a great believer in siestas xx

Hi Michelle I’m on the same as you, I get the odd feeling sick, lots of headaches, and joint pain, but I make myself eat - bananas are good and I drink gallons of water. 
I also eat trail mix and nibble throughout the day. I find if I stay in bed I feel worse so crawl out feeling very sorry for myself and make a cup of tea - then go into my garden which makes me feel better.

Rest when you can though, as I think I can do it but my body says please stop.

I gave been on this combination since March and and have had considerable shrinkage so it works very well.

take care