Letrozole, Periods & bone pain

Hi I was diagnosed in 2014 ,(stage 3, full node clearance her2 +)and was on tamoxifen. I’ve since been told I’m post menopausal by my onc and gynecologist. So in April was put on letrozole.
This afternoon I’ve noticed I’ve started bleeding a bit. My periods stopped during chemo. I had a spoting a couple of years ago but was checked by a gynaecologist and given the ok.
Secondly I have been having lower back and leg bone pain but was scanned in march and given the all clear so surely this can’t be sinister in such a short time. It’s very localised pain I’m sure I’m over thinking but I wanted to ask you guys what you think. Thank you!

Hi. Could well b the latrozole. I have severe thumb joint pain and moderate other finger join pains. Plus mild shoulder, ankle and sometimes hip pain. I can’t write or knit let alone cut up veges for dinner.
I believe I already had a little osteoarthritis in these joints and the letrozole exacerbated it. Could that b your situation? Cheers