Letrozole, Ribociclib and Denosumab

Hi ladies,

I was diagnosed with secondaries in oct 22. Primary was 2018. Initially I was appalled and very angry at the world.

I was put on the above with the calcium tablets and I’ve had my first follow up scan. All good, no progression and sclerosis on CT indicates bone met is healing. Nothing else “popped” up so I’ve just one bone met.

Every one is overjoyed for me, but I feel rather down, as it’s great its working, but I know it wont last.

Oncologist is a pessimist and said max he’d had a patient on this was 3 years. I’d love to know your experiences.

BTW I know fulvestrant is a good option for round 2.

How are you doing with the ribociclib?  Did you suffer any side effects.  As for your pessimistic onc, he may well be wrong.  There have been instances when the doctors were proven wrong.  Sending virtual hugs your way.

Hi, I’ve just finished my first cycle of ribociclib and on letrozole. I take calcium tablets (Adcal) already and alendronic acid one a week. 
I had primary BC 13 years ago and this secondary diagnosed in February. In my lymph nodes. 
First cycle seems to have gone ok, fingers crossed. Only felt a bit queasy at times more when I’m tired. The oils on my skin have disappeared! I used to wash my short hair daily now going stong after 3 days with no shampoo! I presume I’ll need to keep well moisturised if this continues. Have you had anything like this? 
What time of day do you take yours? I took at night but really struggling to get to sleep, and it’s not anxiety just wide awake, then shattered the next day but then I can’t sleep again and I’m not napping!! 
KT x